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Help required [have achieved page 1 no 1]


Asking for some help, it has been some time since i attended the course (4th qtr 2015), once again thank you Alan for helping me achieve page 1 number 1.

1) Can i check if i were to migrate from http to https, do i need to add any robot.txt?

2) If i were to rank chinese keywords, is there a difference between simplified chinese and traditional chinese i.e. if there are no search results in simplified chinese, will it return the traditional chinese search results?

3) If i were to buy a new domain which is already https, is there anything else i need to take note?4) Noted from your updates, we can obtain adword planner exact numbers by installing the google chrome extension [keyword everywhere] currently keyword everywhere only has exact figures for certain locations. Can I know is there any other way to obtain keywords statistic?

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2 Answers

Hello idi0ts,

Congrats! The last time you gave us a testimonial was when you are at the 1st page. Now you are at page 1 number 1!

1) Do not touch robot.txt.
2) It depends on what the searches in Google Adwords Planner are? If its “traditional chinese” then optimize for “traditional chinese”.
3) Just make sure all version (http://, http://www, https://, https://www, point to only 1 https website.
4) Do a paid campaign for 1 week. $5 will do. You will get your access back.

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Hi Serene

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreaciate, do you have any videos to recommend on how to effectively create a paid campaign on google adwords? Its my first time creating.

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