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About Us


About AskImpossible.com

AskImpossible.com is a platform where students and clients of Impossible Marketing receive an ongoing after sales support.

Many of our students and clients are often flooded with their daily job and responsibilities, leaving them with no time to keep abreast of the latest Google/online marketing update and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes. Keeping that in mind, the Impossible team (led by Alan Koh) constantly provides them with a summary of the important updates from Google. We will also be sharing SEO resources that are tested and proven by us.

Our aim is to build an online community to gather and share SEO strategies, business ideas and answering each other’s enquiries.

About “Ask a Question” feature

“Ask a Question” is a feature only available for our students and clients to ask questions and get answers from our community.

The public is able to read the questions and answers posted in our general categories other than our private categories which includes “Google Update”, “SEO Resources”, “Make Money Online”, “Networking” and “Private Q&A”.


AskImpossible.com is a property of Impossible Marketing Pte Ltd (Reg No. 201331568C).


Upcoming events


Date and Time:
June 2017

Coffeemin @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-33, Singapore 059817
(Clarke Quay MRT exit F, Yellow Zone above Starbucks)

**Events are strictly for students and business partners of Impossible Marketing only.

About “Ask a Question”

“Ask a Question” is an Internet marketing Q&A platform where we offer ongoing support to our students who have graduated from our SEO training course in Singapore.

The public is able to read the questions and answers posted here but is unable to access our private categories such as “Google Update”, “SEO Resources”, "Make Money Online", “Networking” and "Private Q&A".

About Impossible Marketing

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